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How To Start Designing Your Home In Dubai

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Everyone has a dream home that they aspire to achieve someday. However, if you are not a design expert, designing your personal space is a task. So, whether you are moving into a new apartment or constructing your life-long, dream home, space planning is essential from the start. Your home is your ultimate comfort place so every detail should be taken care of smartly and aesthetically.

Everything must be a reflection of your taste and style from color scheme to layout, garden to window design. Here’s a quick guide on how to design your dream home in UAE.

  • Go Simple

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Whenever you start planning your house layout or revamping an already constructed one, start from the simple details of layout and structure. Devise the main plan of the house, number of rooms, wall paint, outlook, and floor plan.

Try to be simple and elegant initially, because if you install luxurious tiles or other items from the start, you might end up suffocating the house and wasting a lot of money.

  • Consider your lifestyle

Make sure your home plan reflects your lifestyle. Assign rooms as per your requirements and house members. If you need a playroom for kids you can design a smaller lounge or drawing area and get some extra space for kids.

For small kids, rooms can be interconnected with the master bedroom. Some workspaces and study areas are also great to consider while planning your room. In addition to that, the house must reflect your nature and likes. As for people who are modernistic classy, symmetric designs are great while for old-school ones vintage designs and construction would be lovely.

  • Keep the future in mind

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Don't be shortsighted while you start designing your home. Keep your future family plans or needs in mind. Constructing some extra rooms for kids to use in the future or if you plan to keep your parents with you is a wise decision.

You can also leave extra space for future construction of the pool, gaming den, or patio space, or use it as you wish too.

  • Light colors and minimalistic furniture

Too bright or shiny colors, wallpapers, or furniture are a big no while doing the interiors of your house. Although you may spend thousands of dollars on furniture if it is too big or does not compliment your whole house then it’s useless.

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Try going for light shades of paint that make the room look bigger and more peaceful, also minimalist furniture in natural shades that are not too loud is preferred. Moreover, see the whole house in a bigger view on the plan as everything should blend in with each other and create a balanced and proper look.

  • Light and air inlet

Before construction, figure out the placement of your house and from where airflow and sunlight are reaching it. This way you can efficiently plan the windows and door positions, especially for Dubai homes that are exposed to summer heat. This helps in getting more natural light in the house which is great for the health and aesthetics of the house both.

Know that as a beginner you might not get it all perfect, but start planning it smartly keeping your budget and durability in mind.

For detailed guidance on how to design your home in Dubai, learn more through our workshops by our expert guide Piyusha Bokil.

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