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We believe that design entrance coaching cannot be divided based on the exam the student sits. Knowledge acquired through our PPT-based graphical study material is applicable for all design entrances like JEE, NATA, UCEED, NIFT, AIEEE. Material is suited for new NATA online patterns as well as old and actual drawing patterns to enhance the student's skill set.


Hence, for focused efforts, we have included sample test papers comprising of all design entrance exams so as to expand the student's knowledge base of the subject and prepare them for the varied typology of questions.


We have 2 convenient options for entrance preparation: downloadable study material and in-person coaching.


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Below are a few topics covered in our NATA coaching and downloadable study material bundles. Apart from these, we have also included a vast collection of GK-famous sculptures, novels around the world, 12th PCM topics to be revised & an aesthetic sensitivity quiz based on the new NATA pattern. 

Elements & Principles of Design

  • Tools to design and apply principles effectively.

  • Different methods of composing design are also included.


An important module for aesthetic sensitivity questions.


Colour Theory & Psychology

  • Colors and their significance on the color wheel.

  • What are their characteristics and how to create attractive schemes

  • How do colors affect psychology and how to apply this knowledge in design problems.


Object Drawing & Visualisation

  • Introduction to 2D and3D objects, visualizing their plans, elevations, sections, cut sections & their perspectives.

  • Questions to improve spatial intelligence of students.


Memory Drawing & Application

  • Memory application for design, shade & shadow techniques. The actual drawing is encouraged to develop a proper understanding of solving memory-based PTQ, MCQ & any other format of questions that may be asked.


Basic Design Fundamentals

  • What makes a good or bad logo?

  • How can color psychology be used to create an aesthetically pleasing company image?

  • Also learn about composition skills required to make attractive posters, murals. Aptitude judging criteria’s are clearly explained

kitchen top.jpeg

Building Materials

  • Knowledge of major building materials, their properties, terminology, advantages, disadvantages.

  • Applications graphically explained.


Architectural GK

  • Over 500 picture libraries with various styles in architecture and their evolution are explained.

  • World-famous designers and their building work.

  • Moreover, two additional files containing general knowledge study on topics like Indian architecture, designers, sculptures, literature are provided for additional study.

Glass Buildings

Test Series

  • We have 30 previous test papers and sample questions of all design entrances bundled under here. This is in line with our vision to prepare students for any type of question which may be asked.



We have four comprehensive & affordable study bundles on offer for NATA exam preparation:


Coaching includes vast knowledge shared by Piyusha herself and the know-it-all study material bundle. You will also receive complete guidance and mentorship to achieve your goals. 

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